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Dermal Fillers



All of us experience facial volume loss as we age. Our practice uses only Dermal Fillers with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound in the human body, to restore the soft curves of our cheeks and lips. We aim to restore the firmness of your youthful self.



While neuromodulators relax the tension from our face, fillers can help restore volume. Our fillers include the Juvederm line, which consists of Voluma, Vollure, and Volbella. Each can offer it's advantages and targets key areas of the face. Fillers can restore the natural cheekbone or accentuate it. They can diminish the nasolabial folds, those deep lines that can run from the outer nose to the outer edges of the mouth. We also use fillers to reshape and fill up lips. Once again, our team is happy to work with you to decide what treatment would work best for you.

what to expect

We take our time in determining your filler needs. After a beauty consultation we decide which filler is appropriate for you and which area to target. We use anesthetics to ensure the procedure is comfortable for you. Results are fairly immediate and can be seen before the end of the process. As such we target your beauty goals together and only complete the procedure when you are happy with the outcomes. We also carry reversal agents that can remove the filler completely if you are unsatisfied with the results. Fillers can occasionally produce swelling and minor bruising which should dissipate within 24-48hrs.

Commonly treated areas

The following picture demonstrates all the commonly treated areas.



Client Testimonials

 “I’ve had smoker’s lines around my lips and I don’t even smoke!  I’m in love with my new lips.  I feel young and beautiful.  It’s my most attractive feature now and I know people take notice.”  
— Female Client, 40, Lip Filler



Lip Augmentation starting at $800
Cheek Augmentation starting at $750


We get it, life happens. Please provide us with at least 24 hrs cancellation notice if you can't make it. An administrative fee of $25 will be charged for no-shows or late cancellations.

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