My kids were always asking me if I was angry when I wasn’t, I just have deep wrinkles between my eyes. That’s why I started getting Botox. I’m a happy person and I was sick of giving off the wrong impression. I love my Botox, my ‘angry eye lines’ are gone.
— — Female Client, 43, Botox Cosmetic

The hair on my back is practiaclly gone. I don’t know who is happier with the results, me or my wife.
— Male Client, 46, Hair Reduction

I’ve had smoker’s lines around my lips and I don’t even smoke! I’m in love with my new lips. I feel young and beautiful. It’s my most attractive feature now and I know people take notice.
— Female Client, 40, Lip Filler

Health and wellness is a cornerstone of my life, I eat clean and work out 4-5 days a week. After I had my kids, I struggled with the loose skin on my stomach. The body contouring sessions worked really well to tighten it. I feel sexier and more confident than I have in a long time.
— Female Client, 32, Body Contouring

Jillian and Dr. Malik are great, professional and personal at the same time. I initially went to get fillers, but after our consultation we chose a different treatment option. I think there’s a knowledge deficit in the public, people don’t know what’s available to them. I really appreciated the time Jillian and Dr Malik took to explain things and to come up with a plan that was best suited for me. I would definitely recommend them.
— Female Client, 36, Skin Tightening and IPL Photofacial
I’ve always been self-conscious about my acne scars. My wife is a client and she convinced me to schedule a consultation. It was the best decision. I’m in the middle of my resurfacing treatment course and have already seen significant changes in the tone and texture of my skin. They’ve changed my life.
— Male Client, 42, Facial Resurfacing
I look forward to my treatments with Jillian. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed, and she always offers me coffee or water. I’ve had procedures done before at other offices, but I felt like just another number or check mark on their to-do list. Jillian and Umair take their time, they get to know you and really seem to care about what brought you in. Their bed side manner and treatment results will keep me coming back for years to come.
— Female Client, 44, Skin Tightening, IPL Photo Rejuvenation