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A lifetime of UV exposure will undoubtedly leave you with a few spots or blemishes. Using state of the art technology, photo rejuvenation can lighten these marks, treat uneven skin tones and restore uniformity in skin color.



With Viora's laser technology, aesthetic laser treatments are elevated to a new level, taking into account your needs, no matter what your skin type is. We cater the parameters of your treatment to ensure safe, comfortable and effective sessions.

Laser technology is perfect for treating vascular lesions, clearing spider veins and other unappealing lesions.
Laser can also rejuvenate skin, bringing new life to dull and aging skin. Laser is the preferred method for hair removal for darker skin providing long-term reduction of unwanted hair.

what to expect

Laser uses a wavelength of light to penetrate into tissues and focuses only a single key target. We can select the target to either be blood vessels, hair or pigment. In this way laser can safely destroy unwanted blemishes without harming the surrounding skin. Our laser technology incorporates headpiece cooling which acts as a form of anesthetic, cooling your skin as you receive your treatment. This ensures a comfortable experience for you. Contact us directly to find out more about what laser can do for you.

Commonly treated areas



Vascular lesion reduction - Consultation Required
Skin Resurfacing -
Consultation Required
Long term Hair Removal - Consultation Required

The capabilities of laser treatments are vast. Your aesthetic goals will be discussed during your consultation and a customized treatment course will be recommended.


We get it, life happens. Please provide us with at least 24 hrs cancellation notice if you can't make it. An administrative fee of $25 will be charged for no-shows or late cancellations.

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Client Testimonial

"The hair on my back is practiaclly gone. I don't know who is happier with the results, me or my wife".
— Male Client, 46, Hair Reduction